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Quick Overview

Dholki is a hand drum which is made for a variety of sheasham wood of your choice. Dholki plays an important role during Indian weddings when women beat the dholki to produce sound and rhythms to sing along to. Indian weddings are assumed to be incomplete without the beats of dholki and do not require as specific playing techniques as the tabla.

Additional Accessories

  • comes with dholki hardcase
Payment Method

Please order more than a total of 4 instruments to get a discount.

This instrument is shipped directly from india. If instrument is damaged during the time of shipment, a replacement will be shipped free of charge. The instrument is not our responsibility after it has been used.

We use UPS as our shipment provider. Any order takes around 5 -10 days to arrive to your doorstep. We do not accept POBOX Number.

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