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Quick Overview

Khunda is 5-foot long stick that is hooked at the top and is used to add some excitement to Bhangra occasions. Khunde are made light and durable. We have Khunde decorated with gold steel band across the whole body of it. Khunde can be used in a variety of ways in a Bhangra performance. Performers can sway side to side while holding the khunda out with their hand, or place the khunda over or against their shoulders while performing bhangra moves. Khunde are a must-have for any high level Bhangra performance.

Payment Method

Please order more than a total of 4 instruments to get a discount.

This instrument is shipped directly from india. If instrument is damaged during the time of shipment, a replacement will be shipped free of charge. The instrument is not our responsibility after it has been used.

We use UPS as our shipment provider. Any order takes around 5 -10 days to arrive to your doorstep. We do not accept POBOX Number.

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