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Quick Overview

Sapps, meaning snakes, are a popular prop in competitive bhangra. Made out of robust wood, the sups are a series of equal length flat wooden pieces held together with a metal nuts and bolts. The sups have handles on either side which allow the bhangra dancer to open and close the interlocking wooden pieces. Each time the sups are closed they make a clapping sound which is mostly in rhythm with the beat and step of the dance. Sups are generally used with high energy and fast-paced choreography and add an extra punch to the dance routine. This prop is a necessity for many bhangra teams.

Payment Method

Please order more than a total of 4 instruments to get a discount.

This instrument is shipped directly from india. If instrument is damaged during the time of shipment, a replacement will be shipped free of charge. The instrument is not our responsibility after it has been used.

We use UPS as our shipment provider. Any order takes around 5 -10 days to arrive to your doorstep. We do not accept POBOX Number.

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