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Quick Overview

Originating from Rajasthani folk music, the Sarangi is a stringed instrument with a short neck. It is made from Tun wood and has a box-like shape with three hollow chambers. Out of all Indian instruments, the Sarangi resembles the sound of a human voice most closely. It was traditionally used by singers to aid their vocals but became more popular in the 18th century as one of the prime instruments in Indian classical music. A properly tuned sarangi will buzz like a bee-hive. Each sarangi is beautifully crafted to meet your needs. Click here to order.

Additional Accessories

  • Comes with travelcase
Payment Method

Please order more than a total of 4 instruments to get a discount.

This instrument is shipped directly from india. If instrument is damaged during the time of shipment, a replacement will be shipped free of charge. The instrument is not our responsibility after it has been used.

We use UPS as our shipment provider. Any order takes around 5 -10 days to arrive to your doorstep. We do not accept POBOX Number.

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