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Quick Overview

The Sitar goes back to the middle-ages and is comprised of a long hollow neck, large resonating chamber and strings that are plucked to create a low tuned sound. Sitar is made of Tun wood with 7 main strings and 13 sympathetic strings. There is a variety of sitars in the market but having a quality sitar is very important. Curved frets of sitar are movable which allows fine tuning. Click here to order.

Additional Accessories

  • Comes with travel hardcase
Payment Method

Please order more than a total of 4 instruments to get a discount.

This instrument is shipped directly from india. If instrument is damaged during the time of shipment, a replacement will be shipped free of charge. The instrument is not our responsibility after it has been used.

We use UPS as our shipment provider. Any order takes around 5 -10 days to arrive to your doorstep. We do not accept POBOX Number.

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