Choreographer plays an important role in the whole performance as he decides the overall style and technique. We are pleased to offer choreography as a new service offered by Bhangra Avenue! Have you started a team but are not sure what direction you would like to go in terms of choreography? We offer you one of the top choreographers in the scene who will help you to find your style and refine your technique.

Meet Monti Sehmi

Monti Sehmi is not only an experienced bhangra dancer but also a captain, coach and choreographer who resides in Southern California. He has been dancing both professionally and competitively throughout the nation for more than 6 years. In 2004, Monti co-founded the popular professional California based bhangra team Sher Foundation which granted him, aside from the competitive circuit, the privilege to perform with many well-known artists including AR Rahman, Sukhwinder Singh, RDB, Malkit Singh, Harbhajan Mann, Jay Sean and many more. Over the past years, Sher Foundation have become one of the most popular dance teams in North America both within and outside the Indian subcontinent communities for their unique and appealing style. He has also performed with the traditionally rooted bhangra team Lethal Bhangra Crew (LBC), the recipients of many accolades including the North American bhangra circuit’s “Best of the Best”. Monti also belongs to NDM Dance Productions where he has partaken in many Hollywood shows and productions.

In 2009, Monti represented Slumdog Millionaire’s Jai Ho soundtrack on the Red Carpet at the Oscars. With his unwavering passion for bhangra dancing, Monti has taken up coaching a local junior bhangra team in Southern California, sharing with them his knowledge and expertise of both modern and traditional styles. They have since gone on to perform in numerous shows, events, and were able to show case their talent at the local annual Bruin Bhangra Competition. Currently, Monti is charged with conducting classes pertaining to the technical aspects and intricate execution of bhangra dance, ranging from traditional to modern styles all the while his ongoing contribution as a judge in various, competitive genres. In addition, Monti and also heads the US division for, an online based service that promotes and caters to bhangra dancers, teams and organizations.

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