Outfit Process

Traditional Bhangra Dress (for Men)

Bhangra Dress is as colorful and vibrant as the Bhangra dance itself. Letís have a look on beautifully designed traditional Bhangra costumes for men.


Kurtas are similar to a silk shirt, with about 4 buttons, very loose with embroidered patterns. Kurtas are made from various materials of your choice. You can choose the type and color of embroidery according to your needs and taste. You are also able to decide whether you would like collars, sequins, mirrors and more!


Most of our vests are made from velvet or cotton. We use our creativity to design amazing and beautiful vests of your choice that fit well. You will find many designs to choose from as well as different styles of embroidery!


Chadar is also a part of the Bhangra outfit. Chadar is a loose loincloth tied around the dancerís waist. Chadars can be made from multiple materials and can be tie dyed to the exact color you desire. Again it would be decorated with multiple colors as well as embroidery and gota to match your taste and overall outfit!


One of the most striking features of Bhangra dress or shall we say the pride of Bhangra dress is the Pagg. Pagg (turban) is a vital part of Bhangra dress as it is considered a sign of honor in Punjab and the rest of India. Paggs are made from F74 material and full voil (on request), which are the top of the line materials used for Paggs. We are able to tie dye each cloth to your exact taste. Pagg has to be tied before each show.