Outfit Process

Traditional Bhangra Dress (for Women)

Bhangra dress for women consists of heavily embroidered Kameez, Salwaar, Chunni or Duppatas and ornaments as Accessories. We provide you these costumes with special designs and styles.

Girl Kameez

For women, we are able to customize the kameez to exactly what you need. The kameez can either have a color that contrasts with the color of the Dupatta and Salwaar or it can match either the Dupatta or the Salwaar or you can have different colors for all three! The possibilities are endless. We can add block printing, sequins, stones, foil work and other dye work to create beautiful shirts!


Salwars are light and loose fitting trousers that can be pleated in the front to show drapings in the back. We are able to design multiple styles of salwars, e.g Patiala style or other Standard styles. We can use a lot of material that display amazing vibrant colors and dye to your preference. Pooncha can always be embroidered or even colored as well!


The duppata is one of the important parts of a lady’s bhangra costume. Duppatas can be made of pure crepe or net. The options for embroidery on the dupatta are endless, whether you want heavy embroidery all over or just along the edges. There are many different types of embroidery and gottas to choose from that allow you to have distinct designs and beautiful colors that give an overall vibrant look on stage. Once your design is approved, we can easily dye the material as well as add any Gotta, mirrors, sequins or paint or thread work of your choice that will enrich the Chunni look and feel!


Most of our vests are made from velvet or cotton. We usually recommend having a stitched on vest but are able to create normal ones as well. Again, there is no end to how crazy your designs could be and we will work accordingly to your inspirations.
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