Bhangra Avenue lets you smoothly mix and scratch any kind of music video. At Bhangra Avenue, we know that music is everything. With our amazing collaborations, we are able to introduce you to DJs that are well known in the bhangra scene. They are here to help your team reach the next level by producing amazing mixes for you. Since this has been a huge request by our clients, you are able to now choose from multiple DJ's that can help make your vision a reality. With our everlasting passion for the trade, it has resulted in new ideas that have taken us to the next level. We have contracted with some of the most talented and exclusive DJs to help you create the perfect mix for your team. We would need the following

What type of mix are you looking for? Give us a brief description of how you want your mix to sound with any special effects you need.

  • Song Ideas (What songs would you like?)
  • Duration (How long of a mix would you need)
  • Delivery Date (When you need your songs?)
  • Payment Type (Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Account Transfer)
  • Budget (Helps us determine how we can help you get the best under your budget)