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Bhangra Avenue was launched in August, 2009 as a company dedicated in providing top notch products to the bhangra community. Due to an incredible response, in 2010 we expanded into providing costume accessories, instruments, team t-shirts etc. and became a one stop shop for any needs that a bhangra team or professional dance group may have. In 2011 we also started creating logo designs, websites and introduction videos for our customers.

From our small beginnings we never realized how rewarding it would be to help individuals and teams from all around the world. We take pride in our passionate group whose efforts have made Bhangra Avenue one of the leading online Bhangra stores for the community today. With our everlasting passion for the art, it has resulted in new ideas that have taken us to new levels. Being bhangra dancers ourselves that have participated in numerous competitions and performances, we understand the needs and requirements of teams and based on this experience and expertise are able to deliver unique quality, variety and exceptional customer service.

The founder, Lali Sehmi, who has been in the Bhangra scene for over seven years, has helped Bhangra Avenue stay true to its main objective which is to provide quality products at an affordable price. His experience from dancing with multiple artists and competitive teams throughout these years has allowed him to absorb a sound understanding of the unique needs of individuals who are passionate and are striving for individuality and exclusivity for what they do.

It has been an incredible, exciting and rewarding journey since we started this venture. We understand our responsibilities and make sure that we do whatever we can in our power to ensure we put a smile on your face during your shopping experience with bhangra avenue.