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Bhangra Off Limits

Lali was a great help to our team in the uniform ordering process. He kept in constant communication with us, always asking how particular pieces should look, what material they should be made of, etc. Where Lali sticks out, though, is his committment. FedEx had faltered in the shipping process and delayed shipment indefinitely. Lali personally oversaw the process, providing us with tracking codes and updates from the shippers (happily taking phone calls from us into the early hours of the morning), and made sure that the package was delivered without further delay. I strongly recommend Lali for any bhangra supplies.

Natya Academy’s Gajjde Gabroo

Bhangra Avenue has been a great experience. Lali goes above and beyond to make sure that you get exactly what you need, and in timely fashion. He always stayed in contact with me during the entire transaction. If I ever need anything, Bhangra Avenue is my first choice.

Mandeep Khosla

Our team has used the services of Bhangra Avenue and have been throughly impressed with their fast, reliable and efficient service! Navroop Sehmi, owner of Bhangra Avenue was very professional and kept in constant touch with us about the progress of our order, and sent us pictures along the way to ensure our satisfaction was being acheived. We were easily able to relay what we were looking for to Navroop, who because of his previous Bhangra experience was able to understand our concepts and what we were looking for. We have been extremely satisfied with Bhangra Avenue and suggest any team that is looking for bhangra related props, paraphanilia or costumes to solicit the services of Bhangra Avenue.

Steel City Bhangra

Navroop Sehmi mixes great first hand knowledge of bhangra with and impressive array of contacts in Punjab. The timeliness he responds to you, as well as his willingness to make every purchase personal and to make your teams successes his. Whether it be with a pencil and pen, or with your own creative designs, Navroop makes your costume ideas come to life. His props are of high quality, and are readily and easily obtained from him with just a quick phone call. With a well spoken and friendly intermediary like Navroop, bhangra teams will finally have a guy that they can rely on to get everything on time with nothing lost in translation.

Zubin – Genesis Dance team Ohio State University

Over the past few months I have had to go through the process of ordering outfits for our team. This was my first experience getting outfits tailored like this. I didn’t know who to contact to get the ball rolling. I posted my question on a dance forum and within a day several people messaged me suggesting I contact Lali at Bhangra Avenue. I was skeptical, since I had no idea who he was, but I decided to do so and today, after many emails and phone calls, I received our teams’ outfits. I would just like to say that they look great, and Lali was a pleasure to work with. Lali and the guys at Bhangra Avenue will go out of their way to make sure you get quality outfits. I ended up ordering accessories and sapps as well and was pleased with both. If you too are wondering who to contact, then I would fully recommend Lali and bhangraavenue.com You won’t regret it.

Rajesh Ravikumar

Lali called me from India about 45 minutes after I sent an email asking him about sapps. He gave me all the detail regarding about the price and shipping process on the spot and we got our sapps inside two weeks. Never expected it to be so quick. Great service!

Abhisek Somani – NYU Pandemonium

We decided to order through Bhangra Avenue through a contact. The service was superb and they helped us to decide what we exactly needed for our specific type of performance. The payment was done easily and securely, and we received our shipment within a few days. All the products were of great quality and have been used in multiple performances without any problems. I highly recommend Bhangra Avenue!!!

Lavesh Pritmani

Working with Mr. Sehmi has been a great experience. Before the order commenced, he spent a great deal of time explaning the product to me, as I could not physically see it since it was overseas. He ensured that I would get the best, and when the product arrived, I certainly did! He was always avaliable for any questions, and could not have been a better at communicating with me. Best of all, I got the product even faster than I expected! An excellent person to work with, I highly recommend his services.


Having a convenient, reliable resource like Bhangra Avenue has quite literally changed how the Bhangra dance community functions. In the past, searching for bhangra props and instruments was a task that no team wanted to attempt. Searching, paying, and waiting for items was not only inconvenient, but oftentimes was through ‘some guy in India’. In our case, we, like many teams, just wanted a few, reliable items quickly. Customer service was not only efficient and accessible in answering our questions about the items we needed to purchase, but was very receptive to our wish to get our order in a short amount of time. Most importantly, we knew where and from whom our items were coming from, leaving us feeling assured that we were not being scammed. We were very glad we chose Bhangra Avenue for this purchase.

Akhil Mukherjee

After working with many other companies, including punjabemall and dholetc.com, bhangraavenue proved to be the most cost effective as well as the most punctual of all three companies. I personally have had bad experiences with both prior to bhangraavenue.com being created. As Lali is very educated regarding the unique taste of the North American Bhangra scene, he not only got us our products on time, but he helped to improve our ideas as well.

NC State Bhangra

While looking around and getting quotes for our Bhangra outfits and instruments, it was evident that BhangraAvenue was the place to get them. From the beginning, they were easily the most organized vendor. Not only would they reply to emails faster than expected, they would be the ones contacting us to ensure we would get what we wanted and were satisfied. In our situation we needed the outfits ASAP, and BhangraAvenue was the most cooperative in getting us whatever we needed whenever we needed it. The best part is the work they do is phenomenal.

Stanford Bhangra

Ordering props before we found bhangraavenue was a total nightmare- quality was jeopardized, costs were high, and delivery was delayed. Thanks to your team, we received what we needed at the right time and in the right condition. I was greatly impressed by the professionalism, swift replies, and relationship approach that you provided Stanford Bhangra. I look forward to the opportunity of working together again.

Justin Singh Virk – ECU Bhangra

I have danced for over 5 years in bhangra now, and never once have I seen such a company as Bhangra Avenue. The timely deliveries, outstanding service, high quality outfits, and easy to work with staff combined to form the most pleasing experience.I have ever experienced as a captain in bhangra. Whether communication through phone or email, our team was given oustanding service by Mr. Sehmi immediately. It is easy to get bhangra outfits from India, but it is nearly impossible to receive the service of Bhangra Avenue and the knowledge of Mr. Sehmi altogether. We asked for quite a bit on our outfits, and Bhangra Avenue delivered something absolutely extraordinary with fine art embroidery and high quality material. Every time our team performs, we have numerous compliments on our bhangra outfits, as they are absolutely beautiful. This combination has sold me on this company and we will surely come back next year for not just our bhangra outfits, but for bhangra props as well.

Jessica Sarrantonio

Starting a Bhangra team can be challenging, but working with Navroop Sehmi made it much easier. I am the treasurer of the Bhangra Union in Schenectady New York. After doing research I called a few Bhangra instrument sellers of which I first heard back from Lali. He has great costumer service and helped to guide me through this process. After ordering the props he promptly had them shipped to my school in less than 7 days. All I can say is thank you! It was a pleasurable purchasing experience and the props look amazing!

Shama – Punjab Di Asli Pehchaan Bhangra Team

During our search for sappan, we looked at every vendor possible. Finally, we came across bhangraavenue, with whom our experience was pleasant and effortless. They were very easy to keep in touch with and answered all of our questions promptly.

Jasleen Singh – Drexel University

I was very impressed with the service of Bhangra Avenue. From beginning to end, the whole process of designing and ordering our outfits as well as our props was very smooth and efficient, and I must say our costumes are out of this world. I would highly encourage any team to employ the services of Bhangra Avenue, it will definitely make your bhangra season less stressful.

Akhil Chandan

Bhangra Avenue has been one of the biggest utilities that we have utilized in helping us form a team all together. The overall customer service, constant updates, design feedback, helped extremely to deliver the exact product that we were looking for. The service was so great that I decided to personally make a trip out to Chandigarh to thank Lali myself.