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Why Us

Why not? We are dedicated to our trade. After being in the scene for so many years, we have realized the actual needs of any dancer or team. We believe in fast communication , excellent service and most importantly, quality products being delivered to you in a timely manner. With this approach, we have been more than blessed to have amazing clients from all around the world…

We understand the real needs of Bhangra teams and professional dancers

We provide efficient services to fulfill your personal and business needs as a dancer with given features.

Customer Service

This is the first thing on our agenda, to make sure we communicate quickly and effectively. We aim to please and being an India-based company we aim to defy the notion that “companies from India never communicate” and would like to provide each and every customer with an amazing experience while they shop with us. Clear and effective communication is most important for fulfilling client’s needs. We aim to take customer support to the next level, communicating with you through every step of the way, through e-mails, phone calls, pictures, web meetings or even dropping in to see if you’re satisfied.

Easy ordering and quicker delivery

Whether you’re looking for outfits, accessories, instruments, team t-shirts, logo designs, web designing or anything else, we want the process to be easy and our new avatar proves it. Let us know exactly what you require and we will work directly with you to make sure your needs are met and the end product reaches your doorsteps on the dot.


We pride ourselves in having positive relationships and mutual understandings with our clients. We understand that each of our customers has different requirements, expectations and needs. We love challenging ourselves and thinking outside-the-box to meet the individual needs of our customers and therefore do not shy away from custom designing our services in order to suit each individual client. We strive to understand the needs and necessities of our customers, making sure that what we say and what we deliver to you is the same and has been done in the right way.

Easy to work with

Just like everyone else, we want the process to be simple and stress free for our valued clients. Letting us know exactly what you require helps us in starting your order immediately. We make sure you get the bang for your buck and our suggestions will help you make the right choice.


We love creativity, so naturally services which we provide to you, will consist of that creative edge that you and your team or business is looking for. We believe that each team or business we work with should stand out from the other and through our creativity we make this happen; whether it is on our products or the way we conduct our business.